How to Book

You can book property by

A. Online booking system

B. Over the Phone look at our contact details

A. Booking using online booking orm

1. Press book now in top menu, book now for certain site( Mountshannon, Doolin) or Book now on the site details.

2. First pick up arrival, departure date from calendar

3. Sellect property.

   All properties are same price. the only difference is that some have 5 some 6 beds and one property has disabled access.

   Pickup your property from property list. 

4. If there is no error You will be able to fill the customer details ( name address etc)

5. Press "Review Booking" button on the bottom of the form.

6. If you have any special requirements You can put them here 

   Tick The box to confirm and press "Confirm Booking" Button .

7. You will be redirected to PayPal payment gateway. 

   a. You can login there with your PayPal username and password and then you press "Pay now" button to finalise payment.

   b. If You don't have paypal account or you prefer to use your Credit Card details directly press "Don't have PayPal account?" and use your credit card details to finalize the payment.

8. You will receive payment, booking details by email.


B. Booking over the phone or email.

When you book over the phone/e-mail we collect details from you and we manualy inject it to our booking system.

than we send you invoice and you can make payment using Paynow button on the bottom of the page.


After Your booking will be confirmed you will receive final Confirmation e-mail.